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STT GROUP (Special-purpose Equipment & Technologies) is a registered trademark of two Russian firms – Engineering-Commercial Multiprofile Centre-1 Ltd., and Protection Group - UTTA JSC.

For more than 15 years STT GROUP has been developing and serially manufacturing special-purpose equipment, such as Non-Linear Junction Detectors (NLJD) for various missions, radio monitoring systems, equipment for vibro-acoustic control and protection, mine and explosive device detectors, and portative X-ray systems.

STT GROUP is also specialized in providing information security services for enterprises and organizations, including detection of information leakage sources in premises, mounting and maintenance of protection systems, design and construction of protected premises, and testing of premises and objects in terms of meeting information security requirements.

Our company runs scientific and engineering projects aiming to create new generation equipment for a number of law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation. We also ship serially-made equipment in terms of national defence order.

Our core specialists are officers retired from the secret service, the armed forces and some law enforcement agencies. Besides, we have in staff engineers who earlier worked in the military and industrial complex.

Knowledge and experience our people have got in special missions – going together with our engineering staff’s capacities – allow to create new equipment meeting all the cutting-edge requirements.

We run our serial production on premises of several Russia’s defence enterprises which expand from the Volga to the Urals and are controlled by military representatives; this fact provides high product quality. The company’s products meet all the ISO-9001 quality management system requirements.

New technical projects are developed in cooperation with R & D institutes of military and law enforcement agencies, training centres and test sites, thus enabling creation of equipment which at most embodies end users’ needs.

The company has been intensely working at international markets of security equipment since 1998. For years our main products have been presented by JANE’S, world- famous edition about weapons and special-purpose equipment.

Our specialists took part in Russia – NATO Council meetings as experts in detection of improvised explosive devices (Brussels’2004, Madrid’2006). Besides, we constantly present our products at big international exhibitions, such as Security Technologies, MILIPOL, Interpolitech, and other.