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Testing of products STT GROUP

Based on the request from STT GROUP OF COMPANIES (UTTA Protection Group JSC and the Engineering Commercial Multiprofile Center – 1 Ltd.), 1/1 Krasnoyarskaya Str., Moscow, the Russian Federation, to test their detectors NR-900EK3M EAGLE, NR 2000 and NR12C, HCR-CTRO conducted the tests at the test-site Cerovac during May 2016. The tests were carried out in accordance with the Test plan and programme elaborated by HCR-CTRO, based on the methodology derived by HCR-CTRO, and in line with basic principles of IMAS 03.40 The tests confirmed that all three detectors can detect targets in given test scenarios.

Confirmation of test results for NR-12C detector

Confirmation of test results for NR-2000 detector

Confirmation of test results for NR-900EK3M EAGLE detector

- Confirmation of test results;

- Report on testing of detectors NR-900EK3M EAGLE, NR-2000 and NR-12C