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Hardware set for IED (Improvised Explosive Device) remote detection based on ‘KPMM-06’ - portable mobile robot system

Function: remote detection of radio-controlled explosive devices as well as mines and other explosive devices equipped with electronic fuses, that are installed on the ground surface.


System Components:

  • IED (improvised explosive device) detection system based on NR-900S NLJD - 1 pc
  • Control console (based on a trouble-free notebook) - 1 pc
  • Small-size robotic system – to be provided by or agreed upon with the customer



•    Transport columns routes as well as for detection IEDs and their electronic control systems.

•    Operation as part of ground mobile (robotized) complex for IED detection.



•    Locality monitoring high rate.

•    Ability to make coordinate and visual referencing of detected IED location point.

•    Robotized device operator and mine clearing team safety protection.

•    Monitoring data transfer from the System to the control console in real time mode.


Basic technical parameters

Average/pulse output power in a searching mode

0.4 W / 2 W

Range of detection of improvised explosive devices

up to 10 m



Receiving system

2-channel (2-nd & 3-rd harmonics)


Light and audio alarms

Weight of the attached equipment (with the built-in battery)

Maximum 10 kg