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Handheld control-wire-line detector
Has been tested in Croatian Mine Action Centre – Centre for Testing, Development and Training (HCR-CTRO)


 Improvised explosive devices (IED) detection via their control-wire-line survey.



• roads, terrain and objects inspection for mines, improvised explosive devices (IED) and other explosive appliances with electronic components

• searching for hidden cache with weapons, ammunition and explosive devices

• questioned items investigation, searching  for subversive and terrorist devices and arrangements


√ not very extended wire-line detection (RC IED cables:  from 20m and longer)

√ user-friendly design, the tool can be easily fitted to operator’s height, surface relief and  the height of vegetation

√ two operational modes: 

-       unknown wire-line detection 

-       the detected line tracing

√ audible indication

√ LED indication: 

-       signal level in wire-line searching mode

-       direction of deflection from the detected line trace

 √ power-source-state LED indication together with continuous voltage control

√ spaced generator and receiver modules operation facility


The test results of NR-12C by Armed Forces (National Army) Colombia:  

The test results by HCR-CTRO: