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System for active electronic devices detection in hand luggage


EH-box system is designed for post offices, lobbies, penal and judicial institutions and many other areas requiring advanced security level, where remote screening of plastic bags, handbags, letters and packages is required.

The system is designed to detect active electronic devices of different kind in hand luggage, which are prohibited, namely:

  • cell phones and radio stations;
  • photo and audio/video recording devices;
  • digital timers and remote control units;
  • laptops, touchpads, etc.

It is assumed that the system will be used as an addition to archway metal detectors and x-ray TV units. The system is compact and user friendly.


The system has a rectangular housing with an opening for screened objects.

Sensors of the system are located inside the opening and form a detection area comprising several overlapping partial zones.

After active electronic devices are put into the opening, low frequency magnetic field intensity discharges are initiated by timed pulses of these devices.

These magnetic field pulses are recorded by the output signals processing unit (RF patent No. 2536638).

Detection system is insensitive to metal objects or objects with corrosive metal joints or to completely turned off electronic devices.

Technical parameters:

Detection zone opening

550х400х200 mm


10–30 objects/min

Power supply

  220V (optional battery power)

Input power

up to 50W


up to560х400х450


up to 15 kg


Audible and visual alarm,

RS485 communication (option)

Not harmful to human beings and belongings

Smart performance control,

 indication and self-diagnostics