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Drone based system for remote-controlled improvised explosive device (rc led) distant detection


a system of remote detection of improvised explosive devices on an unmanned aerial vehicle



-         spread ground area preliminary engineering reconnaissance for IED detection

(i.e. their electronic control device) in the course of special searching operation

-         teamwork with ground-based robotic mobile system for IED detection



-         high rate of engineering reconnaissance operation

-         high accuracy for revealed IED localization

-         detected IED position visual fixing and GPS gridding facility

-         ground area under control detailed investigation facility (chopper ‘hang-up’ technique)

-         revealed target identification and diagnosis possibility

-         obtained data transfer to control center in a real time mode



NLJD modulation  amplitude-pulse
UHF probing signal average power in searching mode not more 400 mW 
Receiver sensitivity not worse -140 dBm
I.E.D. detection range  up to 30 m 
Fully equipped drone weight (with battery)  10 kg
Flying time  60 min
Battery capacity  16000 mAh x2
Max vertical speed  6 m/s
Max horizontal speed  10 m/s
GRS accuracy in plane  1.5 m
GPS altitude accuracy  0.5 m
Built-in geo-positioning system  GPS / GLONASS
Max acceptable altitude above sea level 

6000 m

Operational temperature  -20°C…+40°C
Operational frequency  2.4 GHz; 5.8 GHz
Flying distance (from control equipment) 800 m
Stabilization three-axis
Max wind velocity 10 m/s
Effective load dump up to 10kg
Max video resolution for directional camera 3840 x 2160 px
Max video resolution for operator’s monitor 800 x 480 px
Spot route possibility from 1 to 99 spots