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WJ - RCED jammer


Provision of safety for the explosive ordnance disposal personnel and engineers during search and disposal of radio-controlled explosive devices (RCED).

An RCED jammer ensures secure suppression (actuation prevention) of broadband frequency RCED receivers.

The product design provides for extra EMI protection for the operator.


A lower range RCED jammer;

An upper range RCED jammer;

The jammers are installed on an ergonomic knapsack system.

High-capacity accumulator batteries, main and reserve, for each jammer.


  • Operating frequency bandwidth:
    • lower range jammer – 20…500 MHz;
    • upper range jammer – 500…2700 MHz.
  • Integrated power output (at a 50 Ohm load) – min. 88 W.
  • Jamming type – broadband, barrage.
  • Continuous operating time:
    • with one accumulator battery – min. 4 hours
    • with a set of accumulator batteries (main and reserve) – min. 8 hours
  • The quick-detachable accumulator design ensures fast replacement in the field.
  • Operating temperature range - - 30…+55 оС.
  • Protection rating – complies with the Russian Military standards.
  • Weight:
    • lower range jammer – max. 17 kg;
    • upper range jammer – max. 17 kg.