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Silent Jack – SJ

Audio channel blocking unit

General purpose: 

Verbal (oral) information protection in places of mobile phone owner location in cases when this particular device is distantly activated for organizing illegal eavesdropping control by means of mobile phone channel as well as for audio information leakage protection in case of mobile phone video-camera activation.


  • The protection is provided by mobile phone mike & loudspeaker blocking at mechanical as well as software level.
  • The unit is coupled into the headphones jack of the mobile phone.
  • In case of illegal remote mobile phone activation in audio-control mode this device blocks mobile phone mike & loudspeaker that guarantees the whole oral data transfer protection.
  • The device is suitable for iPhone, Samsung and other models as well.
  • 3.5 mm plug.


Technical specifications 

Connector type

3.5x1.3 mm


black, silver, gold, dark-red (‘bordeaux’)

Warranty period

12 months