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Multi-zone Non-linear Junction Detector


Detector is intended to reveal and localize certain places at the person (upper & low part of the human body) where some miniature radio-electronic devices (MRED) can set or concealed: audio- and videorecorders, communication units, improvised explosive device parts or components and etc. 


  • Detector automatically registers MRED placed at the human body during his pass through “NR-2000R” and generates an alarm signal to the control desk.
  • Control desk with display unit supplied with dedicated software provides registration of every pass through Detector with data and time note. Operator can look through its archive as well. More over Detector can be integrated with various access control systems       under existing standard protocols. 
  • Detector effectively reveals small radio-electronic targets: SIM cards and miniature electronic devices.


Technical parameters





Probing signal frequency 

(2,4±0,1) GHz

Probing signal average power

Non more 0,2 W

Energy flux density from active sensors    in 0,3...300 GHz band in accordance with Sanitary Standard (“СанПиН” Russia)

Non more 10 µW/cm2

MRED detection probability 

Non less 95 % 

(Error of the second kind – not more 5% admission) 



internal (Detector pass)

    Not more: 1400mm(w) x 2400mm(h) x 800mm(d)


    Not more: 700mm(w) x 2000mm(h) x 800mm(d)