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Non-linear detector

Areas of applications:                              

Detection of mobile phones

Searching of Improvised Explosive Devices (electronic control systems of IEDs) at background of complex man-made interference from urban constructions

Detection of concealed electronic devices during TCSM operations


√ New non-linear junction detector NR-SOUND, ensuring sensitivity not worse than minus 140 dBm

√ Range of detection is comparable to the nonlinear detector NR900EK "Eagle".

√ A non-trivial solution for the receiving tract provides for the possibility of fine structure analysis of the reflected signal.

√ For the first time the possibility of identifying and selecting of active electronic targets against a background of interfering noise generated by other    electronic devices is realized.

√ Modular design solution provides for operational use of NR-900S (Sound) in a compact "pistol" version as well as the "rifle" version that allows take-out of the antenna on the sliding telescopic rod.