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Non-linear screening detector

Area of application

 √ Detection of prohibited electronic devices (including voice recorders, mobile telephones, SIM-cards, digital memory devices), as well as fire weapon. 

 √ Detection of improvised explosive devices (IED electronic control systems) in cabin baggage and on the “operator’s” body on the background of complex industrial disturbance from the town development.

√ Detection of electronic devices for secret information retrieval.



 √ Absolute safety (sanitary and hygienic certificate).

√ Confident detection of ultraminiaturized electronic targets, problematic for detection by metal detectors.    

√ Confident detection of small-sized targets in a wide range of embedding environments (including wet environments).

√ Precise spatial discrimination at high search efficiency.

√ Single block, no detachable connections and cables.


The device allows detecting:

  • SIM (UIM) card – up to 0,5 m.
  • Mobile telephone – up to 1 m.