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Radio monitoring systems

Radio monitoring systems are powerful computerized systems, designed for monitoring and analyzing the electromagnetic environment. Such systems are usually designated for permanent automatic monitoring in a particular or several selected areas so that any signals (threats) could be detected.

The majority of up-to-date radio monitoring systems commonly represents quite a variety of parts and subsystems that comprise an integrated functional unit. Among the elements of radio monitoring systems one can usually observe PC hardware and software as well as specific computerized equipment. Among them – receivers, antennas, direction finders and analyzing equipment. As a rule, within a radio monitoring system they represent specific automated systems with functions of visualization, monitoring and analyses. They contain various distributed, intelligent subsystems for location and measurement of electromagnetic emissions functioning in a consistent way within the monitoring system. Another important role within the system plays the workflow and tasks on the whole monitoring process, the information flow and its management.

One should keep in mind that the variety of modern radio monitoring systems has different characteristics depending on the purpose of the system. For instance, the application of original digital receiver increases the operation speed and effectiveness of the radio monitoring system in quite a significant way. The reduced characteristics of mass and dimension result in enhanced operation convenience. The sensitivity of receiver, high resolution and high scanning speed guarantee one hundred per cent detection of suspicious sources of electromagnetic radiation within different frequency ranges depending on the customer’s requirements.

The basic algorithm for radio signal detection in the problem zone is based on the use of separated antennas that make measurements of signal field intensity. During the inspection of areas in question, this kind of method allows to perform a precise detection of eavesdropping devices in operation, within the specified area and in case the operate different types of data encoding (various complicated types of modulation, encryption, enciphering, etc.).

Another advantage of radio monitoring systems is the option of classification of detected signals according to the given pattern, which gives the opportunity to select only the signals from the database, that were recorded during previous monitoring sessions.

The proper software of radio monitoring equipment allows to perform any type of task during the process of monitoring. All the above said characteristics improve the process of radio monitoring, increase the reliability, processing speed and stability of the system which operates on the round-the-clock basis. For the customer convenience the radio monitoring equipment can be used stationary or for the purposes of mobile radio monitoring.

In the end – the last but not the least – depending on the customer preferences or due to specific monitoring tasks, the radio monitoring hardware can be modified further.







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Hardware and Software Systems

Continuous or periodic radio environment monitoring, detection and analysis of unauthorized radio emissions, localization of their sources, analysis of digital communication standards.