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Special-purpose equipment and technologies

Russian IKMC-1 Group has been specialized on the development, production, supply and maintenance of high-technology and effective security assets for 15 years. We develop and produce assets of mine terrorism prevention, data secure, and air transport security.
We supply our products under well-known STT Group registered trademark. Our customers and clients are the military, law-enforcement bodies, anti-terrorism units, Federal Protection Service, security services of large state and private enterprises. Our instruments have a deserved reputation and find a quick sale not only in Russia but in Israel, Great Britain, Germany, Latin America, India, Pakistan, and the CIS member countries - wherever the law enforcement bodies need qualitative and reliable search equipment.
Our enterprise has created the entire technological chain; from the high-tech research to the line production of our assets. We have collected the unique staff, huge experience in the practical use of the search equipment and valuable methods for employment of our devices in day-to-day running.
Existence of the preproduction allows us to respond the demands of our customers rapidly and flexibly. We fabricate our line products on the industrial enterprise in accordance with standard ISO 9000.
Non-linear radiolocation is our priority task now. We have managed to acquire outstanding achievements in this area: we are the single company that serially produces and supplies the state customers with portable non-linear radars used for the safety mine detection. Korshun devices helped minesweepers from different agencies and countries to prevent the blasting of terrorist bombs and saved lives of the civilians.
Our best achievement is the creation of Amcord search system. It allows conducting the reconnaissance of explosion subjects on vast territories. The system can be mounted on the chassis of any vehicle and gives the possibility to exercise both search and move while driving at the speed of 30 km/h.
The deep modernization of the existing devices has led to the creation of Korshun M portable non-linear radar. The search capabilities of the device doubled together with the exploitation characteristics.
The variety of forms and methods of unsymmetrical war determined the necessity of designing of the wide spectrum of technical assets including Anker-4E multiplex time bomb detector and Route line locator which detects cable blow line.
Along with the solving the problems of counteraction to mine terrorism, our company successfully continues to develop non-linear radars for eavesdropping prevention. It's necessary to note that EMS non-linear radar possesses unprecedented power and search specifications.
We work in close rapport with our customers and are always ready to solve new problems. Our company successfully assimilates new directions for the employment of our products.
The most important branch is the delivery of technical security assets to the civil airlines. These devices are designed for the prevention of unlawful interference acts.
Korshun, EMS, Anker-4E fit ICAO requirements and are certified for employment on the ground objects of the air transport. Aviaexport is our major partner in this area.
The reality does not leave a room for the by-gone patterns: the economy recovering demands new lead-ups, dynamic decisions and innovations. Our company is a steady leader and a reliable partner for everyone who appreciates quality, effectiveness and responsibility.

Vladimir Ν. TKACH
President of STT Group (ECMC-1 & UTTA Protection Group)


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Published in  Defence technologies review ARMS # 2(49).2009