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NR-2000 Multi-Purpose Non-Linear Junction Detector

STT-GROUP walking into 2011 with basically new equipment for anti-terrorist activity & data security support.

UTTA Protection Group JSC and ECMC-1 (Engineering and Commercial Multiprofile Centre-1) Ltd. acting as STT GROUP trademark is one of the leading Russian special equipment manufacturer.

Vladimir Tkach
Chaiman of the Board of Directors of STT GROUP
Director General of Engineer and Commercial Multiprofile Center-1 Ltd.

The Company designs and manufactures anti-terrorist equipment, searching facilities, and information security devices.
Non-linear Junctionn Detectors (NLJD) of NR-family are the well known and most respected Company's products in Russia and abroad.
This article describes new products under STT GROUP trademark.


NR-2000 Multi-Purpose Nonlinear Junction Detector


New NR-2000 NLJD is a welcome result of research an development fullfilled by STT GROUP specialists in optimum combination of radar parameters with high detection facility and immunity to various interference signals typical to urban environment.

From the very beginning, the designers faced quite sophisticated task to create an efficient multi-purpose tool capable to carry out the following:

  1. Crime scene investigation for hard evidences of explosive terrorism that contain any electronic components and its remains (triggers, communication facilities and etc.).
  2. Searching for Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) that contains electorinc comoponents in typical urban environment.
  3. Various premise investigation for mobile phones and SIM-cards hidden in dommestic articles.
  4. Searching for eavesdropping devices concealed in light building structures, furniture and various home appliances.

It took more than two year to find the right technical decision.

STT GROUP team studied thoroughly the negative experience of the Americans in their METRRA project in seventies as well as various practical implementations of Russian colleagues.

For instance, they exhibited a tendency to minimize the power supplied to antenna in attempts to reduce the size of the device and its production cost. Meanwhile, in most cases such economic 'benefits' resulted in significant searching facility deterioration and unacceptable searching rate reduction due to directional patterns narrowing of antenna module.

Nevertheless STT GROUP team succeeded in creation NR-2000 NLJD -- an ultimate searching device. Its operational parameters were confirmed by preliminary trial operation:

  1. The IED detection range is comparable with that of an 'Eagle' -- Russian standard NLJD for field operations (7-10 meters).
  2. In practice NR-2000 is immune to interfering signals typical to urban conditions.
  3. Furtunate combination of significant detection range with low radiation level and prctical immunity to urban interference guarantee NR-2000 operator from spontaneous IED triggering.
  4. NR-2000 can easily detect targets in building structures behind their reinforcement elements (steel grid and etc.).
  5. NR-2000 ensures mobile phones and SIM-cards detection in moist environment and light constuction materials from the distance of 1 and 0.5 m respectively.
  6. NR-2000 provides positive detection of private articles made from noble and precious metals and reveals them both against and behind metallic reinforcement elements.
  7. The unique 'Bullpup' design provides NR-2000 ergonomic advantages in any possible application.

Thus, NR-2000 NLJD represents a comprehensive multi-purpose tool with mid-power output and outstanding searching ability and rate.

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Published in "NEW DEFENCE ORDER STRATEGY #2" (14) 2011